Location scout since 2014.

I've worked almost 2 years as a location scout / manager at Uitch Iscratch and afterwards 3 years as a production manager and a location scout / manager at Production Service Scandinavia.

The first 2 years were instructive, whereas the last 3 years has developed my sense of the subject at hand. I've made a ton of ​​commercials for large international companies, I’ve made documentaries, TV series and feature films. Which now allows me, because of my experience, to transform visual ideas into physical locations.

My focus is primarily location scout / manager, but I also do production manager work. Overall, I am a fixer due to skills and networks.

I'm professional, self-driving and incredibly good at engaging and getting everyone to work in the same direction.

I have a huge archive, a car and a camera - so let's go scouting!